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Mission :


    A chieve human justice, common valus among people, promote the principle of dialogue & coexistence, & contributing to achieving the extension of the united nations vision of promoting security, peace & sustainable development through the preparation of scientific & professional human cadres at the international levels.

Goals :


  • Preparing and qualifying human cadres scientifically and professionally at the
    international level.
  • Spreading a culture of peace, promoting the principle of dialogue and promoting
    shared values between peoples.
  • Promoting a culture of rights, security and peace, de-fending rights and freedoms,
    preserving and protecting human rights in accordance with international treaties
    and covenants.
  • Working to provide mechanisms, guarantees and cove-nants to settle disputes
    arising between entities in the field of investment, exchange or commercial
  • Establishing scientific research centers and setting up joint projects and
    conferences that encourage the coop-eration of the private and public sector.
    Contributing to achieving the extension of the United Nations vision for spreading
    security and sustainable de-velopment.
  • Creating partnerships and cooperation between entities and governments to form
    one integrated and coopera-tive system in curbing extremism, terrorism and wars.